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With a new season upon us for Saab Automobile, particularly in the United States, I am optimistically curious as to how, what, where and when Saab Automobile USA will be deploying their advertising campaign for the new 2008 Saab 9-3. This model will be or already is available in dealerships in the United States, and the XWD (Cross-Wheel Drive) option is supposed to be available for these models shortly thereafter.

On the topic of the advertising campaign itself, I am particularly interested in how exactly Saab Automobile USA will be using their existing campaign “Born From Jets” as Jay Spenchian had previously mentioned, while integrating messages that communicate this new model to their market with as much reach and frequency as possible. It is clear from the list below, Saab has changed their advertising campaign slogans quite a bit over the years, so if consistency is a huge priority today with Saab Automobile, which it still should be, I am looking forward to a consistent message within the “Born From Jets” campaign. This new campaign will need to indicate a connection to the Born From Jets campaign while being further developed and defined to best communicate the 2008 9-3 as well as the Cross-Wheel Drive which will be available shortly thereafter.

Short of providing my own suggestions at this point as I have already done in a few instances previously, I urge anyone here who has some suggestions as to how to develop this existing “Born From Jets” campaign to accomodate the new 2008 9-3 model, please post your comments below. I think we will all be interested in hearing what you have to say.

1956-1959 – ?

“The Economy Car”


1961 Kleppner Company

1962 Wilson, Haight & Welch, Inc.

November 1967 – 1971 | J.M. Mathes & Co.

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB The Well-Build Swede”

Sept 1971 – 1976 | Cox & Company

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB, It’s What a Car Should Be”

July 1976 – 1979 | Norman, Craig & Kummel

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB The Command Performance Car”

1979 – 1987 | Ally & Gargano

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“SAAB The Most Intelligent Cars Ever Built”

April 1988 – January 1990 | Lord, Einstein, O’Neill & Partners

March 1st, 1990 – 1996 | Angotti, Thomas & Hedge

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“We Don’t Make Compromises, We Make Saabs” 1990-1992

“Find Your Own Road” 1995 – 1996

March 1997- May 2001 | Martin Agency

May 2001 – Sept. 20, 2007 | Lowe Partners Worldwide

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:

“People Who Test Drive A Saab Usually Buy One”2000 – 2003

“The State of Independence” 2003 – Summer 2005

“Born From Jets” Fall 2005 – December 31st, 2007

January 1st, 2008 – Present | McCann-Erickson

Responsible for the following Advertising Campaigns:


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5 Responses to “Saab Advertising Campaigns Yesterday & Today”

  1. Andy

    18. Sep, 2007

    I remember the “”find your own road” series from my youth. I always thought the “paintings” were eye-catching, and very different from anyone else’s ads out there. I like the idea of the “born from jets”, but the dark theme does not translate well to large media like billboards.

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  2. Mark

    25. Apr, 2008

    “Born from Jets” is a masterstroke for a super “legendary” automotive brand that is both FUN to drive and safe to drive. Few vehicles — at any price — can match the turbocharged acceleration, performance and safety. The 9-3 in particular handles exceptionally well under any road condition.

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  3. kohen

    27. Feb, 2014

    I personally savour, cause I discovered just what I was having a look with regard to. You might have ended my own Five day time lengthy search! Lord Thanks a lot person. Employ a good working day. Cya

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  4. Robert Gibson

    20. Sep, 2016

    I have a 1968 Saab 96 full color Brochure shows the red car and a guy in a treed coat on some stairs its in a sealed thicker bag with a Tie dyed Dress, cant find any information on it I know its rare I don’t want to open the bag its sealed. This must have been some advertising ploy, come in and get a brochure and a dress for you lady? Any information appriciated.

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