“Find Your Own Road” Saab Advertising Campaign

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The Saab community have spoken and the “Find Your Own Road” advertising campaign slogan has beaten all other advertising slogans that Saab Automobile USA have used over the years in the recent poll that had over 100 votes cast.

This poll included 10 advertising campaign slogans that Saab Automobile USA have used, where the “Find Your Own Road” campaign came in 1st at 32% of the votes, followed by “We Don’t Make Compromises We Make Saabs” coming in second at 21% and “The Most Intelligent Car Ever Built” coming in third place with 15% of the overall votes.

The “Find Your Own Road” campaign for Saab Automobile, USA (Formerly Saab Cars, USA) that won the most votes, was developed entirely by the now defunct advertising agency, Angotti, Thomas & Hedge.

It appears that the votes really speak for themselves, but those that have gone the extra mile and expressed their thoughts about why they voted the way they did in support of the “Find Your Own Road” campaign really helped to clarify their decisions.

According to the visitors on this site, these individuals truly believe that this campaign best represents the Saab brand by the well executed delivery of each and every attribute of what makes a Saab, a Saab, while taking the driver into complete consideration throughout.

Please read about what some of these individuals had to say about this campaign over the others.

“Find Your Own Road” explicitly expresses Saab’s approach to designing cars, and also serves as a battle cry for many Saab enthusiasts.

– John Bowdre

I remember the “”find your own road” series from my youth. I always thought the “paintings” were eye-catching, (like the cars) and very different from anyone else’s ads out there.

– Andy

Best slogan ever: “Find your own road”…. It sums up saab and all its enthusiasts into four little words.

– Kaylan Marie

Find your own road’ has always fit me well. Several of the other slogans seem to focus on limited aspects of the of the car. To me, the most important aspect of any car is the balance of all it’s attributes, and how the complete vehicle fits with the owner/driver. Of course, ‘Find your own road’ is a bit vague and doesn’t really say anything about the car, except perhaps that Saabs are different from other cars, or that the owners are different.

– Aaron Gilbert

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