The Details of the Toppola Camper

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Drawing Source: Official Toppola Website

People on the move enjoy the Toppola Camper!

With the Toppola Camper you can hook up your trailer or “housewagon” behind your SAAB. For those that own a horse or a boat or likewise need a transport carriage, the Toppola Camper is the ideal option. It gives you possibility to live both cheaply and comfortably.

Many self-employed have seen the possibilities with the Toppola. On the transport carriage you will load the work gear, anything from ladders and paint cans to mini-diggers, and on your Saab you’ve got the Toppola Camper. Working far away from home, it’s comfortable after the days work to spend the night in your Toppola Camper.

Well built and well equipped

There are many parameters that make the Toppola Camper a success. Quality, the very detailed work and all the gadgets are some of them. Even in the standard version the Toppola Camper is very well equipped.

When you first enter the Toppola Camperyou’ll realize how throughly engineered the design really is. In front on the second level, you’ll find the generous queensize bed (200 X 170 cm) with room to spare even for large people. Underneath the big bed there is room for 2 more bunks when the cars rear seat is folded in the down position.

The Pantry part, where you get full headroom (200 cm) it is well lit and comfortable, due to the large windows that can be opened. In the ordinary working height there’s a sink with running water connected to a drainage system with a water tank and electric stove with two burners. In the roof above the pantry there’s an air vent.

The Toppola Camper is made for the Nordic climate and is well suited as a winter living area. The electric kerosene stove is also a heater and the walls are well insulated. That’s why you can live comfortably in the TC even in the winter.

Toppola Camper has several storage spaces for “loose” objects. Inside the door there’s even a small closet where you can hang your clothes.

* Toppola Camper is built to be mounted on 3-5 doors Saab 99 and 900
* Length:3.3m
* Largest width: 1.9m
* Height: 2.0 meters
* Top height mounted on a car: circa 2.5m
* Internal height: (standing up) 2.0m
* Weight: circa 150 kg (total weight increase circa 115 kg due to the removal of the rear hatch when the TC is mounted.)
* Material: Fiberglass polyester, sandwich construction with termanto-isolation as “distance material?”
* Outer walls are 20 mm thick altogether (=Winter proof). Internal cupboards and shelves is made in board or plywood covered with a hardened surface.
* Car mounting: 6 roof points with strengthened plates. Rear mountings in the ordinary rear hatch lock.
* Electrical system: 12 volts connected to car electrical system.
* Internal lights: 2 bedside, 3 in the pantry
* Water: Electrical pump with an automatic tap. Freshwater tank holds 10 liters.
* Drain: Connected system with spill water tank.
* Electronic kerosene stove (Wallas) with 2 burners. Works with the internal fan system as a central heater.
* Ventilation: 1 roof valve, 1 free operable roof hatch with mosquito net, 2 smaller windows on the upper level, 2 large windows in the pantry.
* Mount time: 15- 30 minutes
* Extra accessories: Fire extinguisher, foot step, kitchen fan, AC, Spring hardener, mount stand.
* Finance: possibility of to 8 years finance with 20% cash up deposit.

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2 Responses to “The Details of the Toppola Camper”

  1. peter

    27. Sep, 2007

    In fact, there was a parallel tent set up available for the classic 900 from the early 80’s on.

    Many UK Saab dealers had one and rented it out.

    It fitted over the hatch, and allowed sleeping in the car with space for cooking, more bed space, etc.


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  2. 1985 Gripen

    30. Sep, 2007

    I wish some company would make an affordable replica of the Toppola and SAABO. These would be great for driving vacations.

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