75 Days Until D.C. Saab Enthusiast receives New Saab!

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Gryphon, a local here in the greater Washington, D.C. who has contributed here on Saab History back in September about his SportCombi, has just set up his own blog that begins with the countdown to the arrival of his new 2008 Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible.

I would highly suggest you take a look at his blog to see the options he has setup for this thing, I can’t wait until he can provide some incredible photos of it once it arrives!

I will keep us up to date on the progress, but in the meantime, here is what he has to say about his anticipation:

75 Days and Counting Down!


Day 75

I have about 75 days to wait for my new Model Year (MY) 2008 SAAB 9-3 Aero Convertible to make its way from Trollhättan Sweden to my garage. Over these next 75 days (could be less – it takes about 60 to 90 days for a custom-order SAAB to arrive, and I ordered mine about two weeks ago), I will post about my wait (expect a lot of impatience), my love for the SAAB brand (the 9-3 SportCombi won me over two years ago), the cars I test drove before I made my decision, and anything else I can post about to fill the time.

You may ask – why did the world need this blog? Well, I’m not sure I can answer that, and maybe the world does not need this blog. However, I can answer the question of why I created this blog. The answer is rather simple: I can’t wait for these next 75 days to be up, and this is a good distraction.


MY 2008 9-3 Convertible (Aero)


Exterior – Jet Black Metallic

Interior – Parchment

Seats (Sport Leather Seats with Premium Natural Leather upholstery)

Wheels (17″ x 7.5″ 5-spoke low-split, alloy)

To see the rest of the options, please visit his blog directly

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