The Saab Clubs – 80 Strong Worldwide!

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A Saab Club, commonly known as a community that consists of Saab owners and enthusiasts have gathered to drive, socialize and learn about Saabs in a fun and welcoming environment, have been around for years in various capacities.

Today, due to the growing volume of Saabs that have been produced, communication of activities due to the maturity of the internet, and a few other factors, the owner and enthusiast base for the Saab automobile is at its highest level ever and the total number clubs representing these individuals is now at 80 clubs worldwide.

From the Saab Festivals, Saab Conventions to other various events and activities that take place monthly in just about every continent on the globe, year after year, these tireless unpaid volunteers who come together in the spirit of Saab, enjoy what they do, but it’s about time that we thank the international Saab clubs wherever you may be for all of the hard work you continue to do.

Without these clubs, I truly believe that the body of knowledge, mentorship, events, activities, archival material ranging from written, photographic as well as audio and video would not be in existence today. I also believe that these tireless promotors of all things Saab, who choose to make the sacrifices with their families for the sake of everything Saab, all the time, are owed a debt of gratitude and for this I respectfully thank you for the work you have done and continue to do. Your work has made a significant impact worldwide in terms of promoting, advertising and keeping the Saab brand alive for generations to come. These contributions set the competition far behind and it is no wonder that the Saab owners are “the most desireable customers a company could ever wish for”!

I want to wish each and club the best and believe that running a club today unlike your earlier counterparts, you have more tools at your disposal in which to promote and communicate your activities to a greater audience more than before. This is a great time to be part of a Saab club!

As a resource for potential new members consisting of new or existing Saab owners and enthusiasts, I have provided a complete listing below of all of the 80 Saab Clubs worldwide. This list will also be accessible on every page of the site on the right-hand column as well, for easy accessibility. If I have missed anything or you see changes that should be made, please contact me immediately so that I can make the necessary modifications. I have also created a Saabs Club section for any and all postings pertaining to Saab Clubs to reside. Please visit this section directly here.

Happy Saabing and keeping the Saab spirit alive in over 40 countries worldwide!

Saab Clubs – Asia


Saab Clubs – Europe


Saab Clubs – North America


Saab Clubs – South America


Saab Clubs – Oceania


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