Global Saab Club Network Proposal

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scca_200.jpgThe President of the Saab Car Club of Australia of a club that represents 5 branches spanning the entire Australia region, those being Victoria, NSW, WA, Tasmania and Queensland, has recently contacted me with a really interesting proposal:

Here is his proposal in his own words:

This a great site and shows the SAAB owners geographical location, the value of the 80 clubs members cars must be in the $$ U.S. millions. This also raises the opportunity for the international SAAB clubs to form a network of international SAAB owner clubs , which would possibly be one of the larger car clubs and could be a strong influence on GM as to what is happening with the SAAB brand and models.

Thousands of global SAAB car owners in the international clubs who are truly passionate and proud about their SAABS can carry a message of brand loyalty to SAAB.

This was really kind of the president to provide this idea and moreover, to allow me to share this idea directly here on Saab history.

I think this idea is important to consider having some sort of network for all of these 80 Saab Clubs in over 40 countries to communicate regarding key areas of importance that transcend across all of our geographic locations.

If you are reading this, what are your thoughts? Please post them in the comments section of this posting.

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9 Responses to “Global Saab Club Network Proposal”

  1. SaabWay Club

    14. Nov, 2007

    I think that it’s very interesting to create a sort of database or reference of all the Saab Clubs around the world. In the future every club may need somewhere to find all Saab Club links and your Site looks to be the right solution!

    For example: Some of the members of the SaabWay Club (Our Saab Club) went to the Saab Festival this year and they saw the Latvia Saab Club promoting the
    International Saab Club Meeting 2008 in Latvia, organised by their club (this is the link

    Now, how could they promote this meeting to all the Saab Clubs around the world, if only somebody went to the Saab Festival 2007?? They Could go on and take the addresses of all The Saab Clubs, to tell them the existence of the meeting.

    This is only an example, but it will be sure a very useful service !

    An other thing, I read the mail about the idea of the Australian Saab Club and I think that if the Saab Clubs of all the world talks together may be they
    could reach a little bit of audience by GM… I don’t know how is the situation in USA or in the other countries.. but in Italy “GM Italia” and “Saab Italia”
    are completely ignoring the thought of their costumers..

    It would be interesting to get considered by GM, also as a unique giant group (Saab Clubs around the World), to create a sort of “focus group” with a spokesman
    to talk directly with GM abouts our thought in general about different arguments like what the Saab costumer wants on his next Saab, If we like a born of a SUV
    of a little Saab (9.2) if we want a better TiD or a direct Injection turbo.. to value together the design of models etc etc..(If they asked to us for the New 9.5 I’m Sure that now they could sell really more!!!

    It’s Awful!) Theese are only examples but it will be really interesting to create a focus group which with we could dialogue with GM.

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  2. Mytrolls

    16. Nov, 2007

    We at MYtrolls ( are certainly keen on participating. We have made contact with our regional friends, namely the SAAB Club of Thailand (SCOT) ( and saabstance down in
    singaport (

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  3. bathmate

    29. Dec, 2009

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    06. Jan, 2010

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    06. Jan, 2010

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    26. Jan, 2010

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    20. Sep, 2017

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    14. Jun, 2018

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