Munich Airport Acquires Saab 9-5 BioPower Vehicles

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile Germany

This just in from Saab Automobile Germany showcasing Munich International Airports Saab 9-5 BioPower security vehicles as well as Saab 9-5 BioPower friction testers.

Below is a summarized press release from Saab Germany thanks to Babelfish translation

Always in service: The Saab BioPower security and Friction tester vehicles are an indispensable part of road safety at the Munich Airport


Saab and E85 on the runway

BioEthanol gas station at the airport Munich open/three new Saab of 9-5 bio power vehicles provide for security on the airfield.

Pollution free addition for the fleet at the Franz Josef bunch airport in front of the gates of Munich: Yesterday Dr. Max Lehmer, member of the federal daily, and Peter Trautmann, Manager of fleet vehicles and technology at the airport, in the presence of numerous guests and coworkers, opened a Bioethanol gas station on the airport area. Now with the addition of vehicles at this large airport with sustainable fuel, they can get complete service for a smooth and operational sequence. The first car includes with E85 – a mixture from 85 percent bioethanol and 15 percent gasoline – and thereby starts the environmental compatible airfield fleet on four wheels.

The suitable vehicles for this are already available. Additionally a recent bioethanol gas station opening Christian R. Doden, this is where the Saab representatives handed over the addition of the Saab models to the airport representatives, three new Saab BioPower 9-5 sport sedans. The 154kW/210 power of Saab BioPower models of the fleet were re-equipped particularly for the tasks as security vehicles at the airport and friction testing. There they serve as aids immediately as mobiles with control and provide for the troublefree and safe flying operation at the airport. With the new vehicles, the fleet at the airport Munich GmbH continues to consistently use Saab models. Already for years here –; as true with many other European airports – the Swedish cars are used for safety & security, in particular on the taxiways and runways with Friction-Cars“ as mentioned;.These examine assistance of an extensive runways and the friction values of the runways and supply thereby to the pilots with valuable data over the current ground conditions. In parallel they check for impact holes and tears in the runway linings and these determinations cab prevent the danger of accidents with takeoffs and landings by visual inspections. But Munich is not alone strengthening Saab Friction vehicles and standard Saab models. Rather those continue a Bavarian tradition, which has been in existence at other German and international airports already for years.

Apart from the traction power and reliability of the cars from the high north,they play a large role for the Munich airport operators who are now able to use pollution free propulsion technologies. This makes the Saab vehicles particularly attractive for this highly technical industry. Thus the Swedish Premium automaker offers the BioPower aggregates operated with sustainable bioethanol to market with the Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-3 products. The advantages: The engine strength and the torque rise up to 30 per cent, the elimination of harmful output of fossil CO2 and further toxic materials drop significantly. The achievement increased despite better environmental compatibility results in the interaction of higher octane figures of the biofuel and the Saab turbocharging.

With the reliable addition of the Saab as Friction testers on the airport Munich for many years, it therefore the only logical to develop a co-operation – and in particular with pollution free BioPower Saab models“, says Peter Trautmann, the recipient of the new employment vehicles. As a car manufacturer and also an airport operator, both take on the responsibility of the present environmental debate.

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