Robert J. Sinclair Interview – 2007 Boston Auto Show

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Film Credits: Saab History

Robert J. Sinclair, a legend in the Saab community, began working with SAAB Motors, Inc. as a sales representative in March of 1958 until he left in january of 1961.

He later rejoined Saab-Scania of America, Inc. as President from May of 1979 until he retired in September of 1991 where he worked at both 60 Marsh Hill Road as well as 35 Executive Boulevard in Orange, Connecticut.

At the 2007 Boston Auto Show, I got the opportunity to interview “Uncle Bob” Sinclair in order to get his account of his later years while working during some of the most pivotal years for Saab.

A thank you goes out to Saab Automobile USA & GM for ensuring my presence at the 2007 Boston Auto Show, Saab of Hunterdon for the site sponsorship allowing the rental of the camcorder equipment to film the interview and of course Robert J. Sinclair for giving his time to share his experiences.

I will leave the rest of this account in his own words during the interview above.

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6 Responses to “Robert J. Sinclair Interview – 2007 Boston Auto Show”

  1. Carl

    04. Dec, 2007

    That was awesome! My new favorite Uncle Bob quote is now “It’s a lot easier to apologize than to ask permission.” Brilliant!

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  2. Craig

    05. Dec, 2007

    Great video, the story behind the 900 convertible was really interesting as well as the SPG. thanks Ryan.

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  3. Wulf

    24. Feb, 2008

    I was thinking the exact same thing as Carl about that quote ““It’s a lot easier to apologize than to ask permission.” Very interesting interview, such a lot of background information.

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  4. Lavona

    18. Jun, 2008

    I was very pleased to stumble on to this interview with Bob Sinclair – quite interesting for me. I worked with Bob at Saab-Scania prior to leaving Connecticut in 1980. August of 2008 will be my first return trip, and I would be thrilled to be able to make contact with him if he’s in the area?

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  5. Claudia Bruemmer

    12. May, 2009

    Thanks for this great video. Vintage Bob Sinclair. I was his secretary for 9 years when he was president of Volvo Western in Torrance, CA. He looked and sounded exactly the same back in the ’70s.

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