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Saab Dealership design varies globally, and in particular here in the United States. As we have it now, there are three different types of Saab designed Dealerships.

These three different various dealerships are defined as Exclusive, Exclusive Variable and Satellite.

In an effort to explore these designs I have provided you some visuals as well as some descriptive text. As the president of Saab Automobile USA, Steve Shannon indicated most recently, there are approximately 90 Saab dealerships in the United States that have adopted one of these three types of dealership design which leaves approximately 150 Saab dealerships out of the 240 total that have not chosen to adopt this design schema in any of the three various forms. I plan on exploring these 150 Saab Dealerships as well that have their own unique key points and design criteria in order to best represent the brand and their unique business model and market.

The nearly 90 aforementioned Saab designed dealerships use the following design schemas that were developed through the identification of key points and applied design criteria. I hope you find this information useful in our ongoing thirst for Saab knowledge.


Defined: A stand-alone sales and service facility devoted exclusively to the Saab brand.



Defined: Facility consisting of exclusive customer contact areas including sales, retail parts and service write-up. Remainder of the facility is shared with one or more manufacturers on-site.



Defined: A smaller version of the exclusive facility for retailers who need to provide additional sales and service within a large market area.


In developing these designs for Saab dealers, it is important to note the following key points that were included in the thinking by Saab’s retail design program:

These key points were developed in collaboration with Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile USA, retailers, business partners including architects and interior designers.

* Support the brand positioning
* Minimize retailer investment
* Maximize customer convenience
* Provide flexible designs
* Provide consistency in facilities
* Respond better to our intelligent, discerning customers
* Provide and information-intensive environment
* Create a buying, not selling, environment
* Deliver Sales and Service equally
* Provide a place for people and cars

Here is the design criteria developed by the aformentioned groups above through interviews with Saab dealerships, current retail trends, and discussions and planning sessions were executed in the three types of Saab dealerships above in order to support the key points:


* A distinctive Saab icon feature
* A building image that distinguishes itself from surrounding automotive retail facilities without appearing unusual.
* Well groomed, minimal landscaping.
* A clear view of “presented” vehicles.
* Proper display of Saab corporate Signage on the site and on the building facades. Clear display of site directional signage.
* Versatile vehicle product display areas.
* Clear vehicular entry and exit locations and customer parking areas.
* Clear building entrance locations


* Information-intensive and interactive environment
* Saab history and Swedish heritage visible through displays, materials and furnishings.
* Quality and simplicity in building forms and finishes.
* Natural, environmentally sensitive materials.
* Open business environment.
* Quality interior lighting.
* Clear interior directional signage.
* Clear circulation patterns.
* Easily distinguished departments.

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