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Film Credit: Saab History

I had the great opportunity to get a taste of Saab Automobile’s new advertising direction thanks to an interview with Roger McCormack, Saab Automobile USA’s new Marketing Director.

Roger McCormack has been working as Saab Automobile USA’s product manager for the past year and a half and now has the new opportunity as Marketing Director as of the first of this year.

From this interview, it seems abundantly clear that the Born From Jets campaign will be continued, and consistency is a plus, but it will be more understated. What will be heavily communicated now, are the brand pillars in concert with the Scandinavian and Aircraft inspirations in the new advertising campaign with the new advertising agency that is working with Saab USA, McCann-Erickson.

As Roger McCormack stated, Saab Automobile USA is now starting fresh with new eyes both internally at Saab and externally with McCann-Erickson on a new campaign, so this new beginning should have the most flexibility to get these advertising campaigns right. With the right products coming out such as the the 9-3 Turbo-X and Aero models with cross-wheel drive, and the BioPower vehicles also in due time, this new advertising campaign is now the most critical component of Saab Automobile’s future in the United States today.

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