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Sodertalje, Sweden is where SCANIA began in 1891. I have included a nice promotional video as well as some background on the Sodertalje region for your information from their tourist board.


Stockholm’s big sister, Meeting place, The town that is full of life

Transport hub The European highways intersect here 44 min to Stockholm C Fast trains to Göteborg, Malmö, Karlstad etc. The canal – the gateway between Saltsjön (the Baltic) and Lake Mälaren Arlanda and Skavsta airports within easy reach

Town of contrasts Town on the water – sweet and salt From rolling countryside to the million homes programme From Sörmland to the exotic

From all corners of the world 80 nationalities 12,000 Assyrians/Syrians 3,400 Iraqis National minorities: Finns and Roma

Two giants … Astra Zeneca: One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. SEK 10 billion of investment in five years. Scania: Moving operations to Södertälje. A total of 16 000 employees.

… and thousands of small businesses 4 600 businesses 40 000 jobs One of the region’s strongest labour markets Great development potential

A thriving cultural life Five culture houses World-class theatre and music Dynamic cultural associations

A sporting town with stars and breadth Masses of stars: Björn Borg, Malin Ewerlöf, Johanna Sjöberg, Kennedy Bakircioglu … 130 sports associations: Everything from aikido to varpa New stadiums: The Football Stadium and Axa Sports Centre

Södertälje – a town with over a million 1.2 million visitors! Tom Tits Experiment: Sweden’s largest science centre Sydpoolen: One of the largest water parks in Sweden Torekällberget: What Södertälje used to be like

Town centre renewal Shopping malls renovated Better traffic environment Streets, squares and parks are being refurbished New housing is being built The unique Maren waterfront environment

Housing – from metropolis to the countryside 400 new waterside homes 2,500 apartments and houses in five years Glasberga sjöstad: A new district is being built Hansta strand: Canalside homes Kallfors in Järna: Still expanding!

Södertälje’s new town hall A meeting place for service, democracy and culture A workplace for 400 Open to everyone Unique: Town theatre and town hall under the same roof Moving in: 2008 Cost: SEK 370m

Investment in Hovsjö We are renovating the area The tenants have a great deal of influence A housing fair in Hovsjö in 2009?

Choice and security in school Pre-school: Language development and individual needs Compulsory school: Compulsory schools with their own profile Upper secondary school: Working together Municipality – Business A broad range of adult education

Choice and security in school Culture School: 1,600 students in new premises A town with many free schools Secure pupils who enjoy being at school!

University town
Campus Telge Today: 1,000 students Major expansion of KTH’s (Royal Institute of Technology) engineering programme ultimately to 5,000 students The county’s best place for higher education (ask the students!) Working together higher education – municipality – business

Antroposophists Biodynamic cultivation Architecture to fire the imagination Vidar Clinic – health careSaltå kvarn – bakery

How Södertälje is governed –The Municipal Council, Social Democrats 23, Left Party 4, Green Party 4, Moderate Party 14, Centre Party 5, Liberal Party 5, Christian Democrats 4, Pensioners Party 2, National Democrats 2, Swedish Democrats 2, Election turnout up from 72 to 73 per cent.

Up and coming Group

Parent Company Telge with 9 subsidiaries Established 2004 with 800 employees Housing, Premises, Cleaning, Power trading, Electricity sales, Energy, district heating
network, Water, Port, Recycling, Science Centre

Municipal finances

This is how SEK 100 of tax revenue was used in 2005:
Compulsory school SEK 24.18
Care of the disabled SEK 15.51
Care of the elderly SEK 14.97
Childcare SEK 09.97
Upper secondary school SEK 09.06
Social measures for children,
adolescents and adult
with problems SEK 06.06
Library, cultural and leisure
activities SEK 05.32
Social assistance SEK 04.48
The year´s surplus SEK 04.27
Other activities SEK 01.99
Childcare SEK 09.97
Emergency services and
protection SEK 01.36
Adult education SEK 01.22
Labour market measures SEK 01.19
Environmental and health
protection SEK 00.42

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