SAAB USA’s First Corporate Office in New York City

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Photo Credit: Saab History

I began this event by flying out early from National Airport in Washington, D.C. en-route to New York City on Tuesday morning. Shortly after my arrival, I made it a point to head directly to the former location of SAAB’s first office in New York City at 405 Park Avenue. With the rise and fall of buildings throughout the world, in particular on Manhattan island, I was incredibly surprised that this building still stands.

This office was used from when SAAB Automobile began operations in 1956 until 1961, but now the question is raised, what year did Ralph Millet begin working with SAAB Airplane operations in this facility before the car project began? It’s worth noting that this building was completed in 1950 after ascertaining some information during my visit here.

Furthermore, which floor did Ralph Millet work on while managing operations with both SAAB airplanes and later SAAB Automobiles before they moved to New Haven, Connecticut in 1961?

SAAB Motors., Inc.

Where: 405 Park Avenue, New York, NY

When: Approx. 1956-1961

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  1. tina helm

    12. Jan, 2012

    I own a 2004 saab linear 93 2.0. I have been experiencing a floating gas gauge for the past year. Now my gauge stays in the red and will not reflect my gasoline balance. In looking over the internet this is a common problem with this car. I wanting to know if you have submitted a recall on certain models for this problem. I have owned several cars and I have never owned a car that had this type of problem. This is obviously a manufacturer’s defect. Thank you.

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