Saab Aero-X Debuts in Transformers Sequel – 2009

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Photo Credit: Saab History

According to a highly credible source as of late that ties into a mention by Eric Geers during an interview at the North American International Auto Show in January, the Saab Aero-X Concept car will be debuting in the second Transformers film which apparently will be on or near June 24th 2009. With General Motors the main sponsor for the first Transformers movie in 2007, it gives even more credibility to this news as of late as the Saab brand under GM ownership making an appropriate debut like this.

wheeljack.jpgI understand that the Saab Aero-X will be a new version of the transformer character called “WheelJack”. Wheeljack has many similiar design elements, especially the notable wrap-around windscreen and white body color.

The irony if this character is chosen to embody the Aero-X concept car, is that “wheeljack”, was apparently a LANCIA vehicle, harkening back to Saab’s past history collaborating with Lancia (Fiat) on both the Saab 600 and 9000 projects.

I wonder if the Saab Aero-X will take on a new transforming routine by converting into a jet, hence the “Born From Jets” tagline or will it turn into the same character as Wheeljack, just a robot or both a robot and an airplane?

It will be interesting as time moves on where and when this Aero-X will be depicted in this film.

Here is the official movie site

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10 Responses to “Saab Aero-X Debuts in Transformers Sequel – 2009”

  1. Ryan

    12. Jun, 2008

    Dear “Wheeljack”,

    Thanks for your concern. For the record, I’m not Saab, I’m an independent blogger that runs this website,

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  2. Ognian

    03. Oct, 2008

    SAAB is the best Car – Engine and Safety.But AERO X…..2.8L Engine whit 400 Hp…..that is a Future!

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  3. Ryan

    03. Oct, 2008


    Thanks, I see that you are with I thought there are no more Saab dealerships in Seattle now that Carter lost the Saab franchise?

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  4. Ognian Michev

    05. Oct, 2008

    Hi Ryan,

    I am independet Auto Repair Shop/”OTEMS”/ for SAAB – not a Dealer.This
    Website is Mine and now is under construction.”Barier”-Bellevue and
    “Carter”- Seattle are closed and they have different Website name.Only
    “McCann Motors” in Fife is active Dealer for SAAB.


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  5. D

    05. Nov, 2008

    April Fools much, Ryan?

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  6. Ryan

    06. Nov, 2008


    Just passing on the news, that’s all.

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  7. DG

    04. Feb, 2009


    i’ve been waiting for wheeljack since the first movie ended!!!! words can’t explain how happy and excited i am to FINALLY see him up on the big screen. hopefully he has a decent part in the movie and we see him more than a few times too….also hope we see him in the future movies too.


    m/ -_- m/

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  8. Chimbaram

    23. Apr, 2014

    Anyone with problems where a wagbepe is not rendering (you switch from another tab and there’s no repainting at all over the image of the old tab’s wagbepe) turn off GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D in about:flags, and always keep in mind any about:flags option may be unstable. 🙂

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