Saab Enthusiast Restarts Saab Club in New Jersey

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Saab Enthusiast and sales represenative at Cherry Hill Saab, resurrects a Saab Club in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Saab Owners Club (NJSOC) was originally started by a longtime Saab enthusiast by the name of Larry West in 1987, 21 years ago.

I recall going to a few of the NJSOC technical sessions that were arranged by this club and hosted with John Moss at the former Saab Cars USA Technical Training facility in Wallingford, Connecticut in 2001 that GM subsequently closed in April of 2005. I believe that sometime after 2001, the New Jersey Saab Owners Club was disbanded.

If you are a Saab Owner or enthusiast in and around New Jersey and can make it to the next meeting, check it out and let me know how it went!

Here is a piece about the club’s new launch:

The Jersey Saab Club is all about the Saab owner pride in the Delaware Valley.

The South Jersey / Philadelphia area has some of the best Saab’s in the country. In the past we have not had representation in the Saab owners Club of North America annual meetings and we would like to show that this area definately has a lot of Saab pride.

This isn’t going to be easy but with your help and love for the brand we can show the rest of the country the wonderful cars our areas has.

Our Meetings are in South Jersey. South Jersey is most defined as Trenton down to Cape May. Don’t worry if you are from North of Trenton you can still participate in the club our meetings and outings will be held south of Trenton.

This club is committed to all Saab’s. Old and New. We encourage recent Saab owners as well as “old heads” to join the club and socialize and network.

Please visit their website directly here:

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4 Responses to “Saab Enthusiast Restarts Saab Club in New Jersey”

  1. Nick Loscalzo

    09. Oct, 2010

    I would like to say Hi to all my Saab friends out there you can reach me at the dealership any time 856-829-8200 looking to start back up the Saab club of the Delaware valley need some help give me a call and LET GO PHILLIES !!!!!!!!

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  2. hank honig

    03. Nov, 2014

    i have a 1995 saab convertible for sale
    in very good condition with 156,000 miles
    looking for an offer

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  3. Nikki

    19. Oct, 2016

    Type your comment here…

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  4. Vinny Khan

    14. Jan, 2017

    I have a 2006 Saab Aero for sale

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