Saab’s Parent Company GM, Trumped By Toyota

Posted on 23. Apr, 2008 by in 2000-2009


The Detroit News reports today that Toyota has just claimed the #1 spot over Saab Automobile’s parent company, General Motors after the results have come in from 1st quarter global sales.

Toyota sold 2.41 million vehicles compared to General Motor’s sales of 2.25 Million. This number 1 spot has been enjoyed for years by General Motors, and now they will need to work hard to overcome this recent news. I am personally happy that they are no longer number one because now they will need to work harder in order to start making some serious decisions about their future.

This news also means that quite possibly, General Motors will have a better strategic advance over their competition given that now Toyota is the industry’s guinea pig leader.

As we all know, and GM is beginning to learn that their strategic advantage is Saab, but again in their 18 year history of partial (1990) and now full (2000) ownership, it appears that only since 2005, the product development and advertising has begun to move. This product development as well as advertising as Saab refers to it as a “growth period” is important, however barely anything is visible and/or accessible to the consumer at this time and that is a huge problem.

In summary, the two most important priorities for Saab Automobile are the following:

1) Saab Automobile needs additional products now

2) Saab Automobile needs a huge investment in more consistant and continual advertising on a global scale.

The current climate for Saab Automobile cannot continue at the current rate both within the United States and elsewhere without addressing both of these factors. As soon as these factors are heavily and confidently invested in, and applied, and available to the public, then and only then, will we begin to see some real results in the global market.

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  1. Greg Abbott

    23. Apr, 2008

    That is a misleading graphic — in the sense that 2.25 million is 93 percent of 2.41 million, and to the untrained eye, based on that graphic, it looks as if GM’s sales are one-half of Toyota’s.

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