The Fifth Annual Springtime in Sweden Event

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Photo Credits: Saab History & Christopher Campbell

sis_logo_150.jpgOn Saturday, April 26th, 2008 the fifth annual Springtime in Sweden took place in Amherst, New Hampshire from 10am until 3pm.

This event is in memory of Kyle (SPGUY) and his Brother Tim Crisman who lost their lives on the afternoon of November 3rd, 2002 in an automobile accident on their way home from visiting their Grandmother.

The idea of the annual Springtime in Sweden event was created, due to Kyle and Tim’s dream to some day, have a large Saab gathering at their home. sisa.jpgThis dream continues to reflect their wishes each and every year and this year, a record 70 plus Saabs turned out on a picture perfect day filled with sunshine to show their support.

The name “Springtime in Sweden” denotes a vehicle, specifically a limited-edition 1988 Saab 900 Turbo Convertible that Kyle dreamt about owning some day. This vehicle, now celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary this year (1988-2008), is now in the Crisman family due to a number of supportive and kind individuals from the Saab community who worked together so that this dream would be realized. This Springtime in Sweden or “SiS” Saab is now celebrated amongst the other Saabs at this annual event. The Crisman Family indicates that there is also a second Saab SiS in the works, so in due time, we shall see two.

viggens.jpgThe proceeds of this event go to the Kyle and Tim Crisman Memorial Scholarship Fund. This scholarship, which has awarded seven scholarships over the years, four for the automobile & business areas and three for culinary arts will be awarding two more this May.

In addition to this event, the Crisman Family also have organized a 5K Race/Walk event that takes place this August 9th, 2008 at 10am at Souhegan High School, also in Amherst, New Hampshire.

To date, the Kyle and Tim Crisman Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $30,000 to Souhegan High School students and other organizations in and around their region.

At the end of the day, all of the Saab owners and enthusiasts gathered around for an award ceremony thanks to a number of sponsors, but also, more importantly, a thank you from all of the members of the Crisman family for attending this memorable event.sis_group.jpg

Today, the annual Springtime in Sweden event is now referred to as the kickoff for all Saab events in the North East.

A thank you to the Crisman Family for hosting this annual event. I look forward to returning to Springtime in Sweden in 2009!

For more information on this event and to participate and/or donate, please visit their website directly at

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  1. Ryan

    28. Apr, 2008

    Great event. Good to see you there. Hope to see you at many future events.

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  2. Ryan

    06. Jun, 2008


    What next event will you be at?

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