Saab History Welcomes JMK Saab As Sponsor!

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Photo Credit: JMK Saab

Saab History welcomes JMK Saab as a site sponsor! JMK Saab, located in Springfield, New Jersey has recently signed up as a site sponsor of Saab History and is automatically included in the new Site Sponsor Map Listing as well.

It is important to know that JMK Saab, was one of the top 6 GM Dealers of the Year for 2007 for all of General Motors dealerships and has also received a “Mark of Excellence” within the Saab brand. It goes to show that their sales, service, parts, customer service and just about every other facet of their organization raises the bar. Furthermore, this is not the first time JMK received this accolade, in fact, JMK SAAB was recognized as the nation’s number one SAAB dealer back in 1996!

These achievements were quite hard to obtain and we should all recognize JMK Saab for their committment to the Saab brand, their staff, and their customers for a job well done!

Some of you may recognize JMK Saab as they took the initiative to co-sponsor Saab History’s video coverage of the 9-X BioHybrid North American Launch at the New York Auto Show this past March. At this event, thanks to JMK, I managed to cover both the Saab Reflective, the interview of both Saab USA & Saab Global Presidents, Steve Shannon and Jan-Ake Jonsson as well as the group discussion with Saab’s Designer, Bryan Nesbitt.

A warm welcome to JMK Saab for signing up with Saab History as a site sponsor!

Here is a brief history of the JMK Saab dealership, now celebrating their 30th Anniversary as a Saab dealer!

JMK’s beginnings date back to 1965 when they opened as an automobile body shop in Union, New Jersey. In an industry that hasn’t always enjoyed the very best reputation, JMK was committed to offering honest service and honest prices. That dedication to superior service paid off. In July, 1971, JMK became an authorized dealer of a premium German automaker and that continues until today.

SAAB became part of the JMK family in the Fall of 1978. The year 1982 also was noteworthy as the dealership moved its bodyshop operation out of the main building and opened it at another site. This move allowed JMK to enlarge the service department at its existing facility.

The growth didn’t end there. Due to increasing customer volume, the dealership expanded its showroom again in 1984. All this growth, the direct result of the original commitment to superior service that was made back in 1965, culminated in JMK becoming the nation’s top SAAB dealer. And, to our customers, we say — THANK YOU!

“Enjoy Your Flight”

JMK Saab

JMK Saab
345 Route 22 East
Springfield, NJ 07081

Phone: 888-500-9021


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