The Saab/Hummer/Cadillac Dealership Arrangement

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As a follow-up to the future of the Saab Automobile Dealership arrangement within the United States, I would like to begin a dialog on the Saab/Hummer/Cadillac dealership arrangement in the United States.

Today, there are approximately 81 or 34.47% designated as Saab-only exclusive dealerships in the United States, leaving the remaining approximate, 66% as multi-brand dealerships.

The plan as you will see below in the video, is for the ongoing transition for Saab exclusive dealerships to convert into Saab/Hummer/Cadillac dealerships (ie. all premium brands under one roof) over time.

With the recent customer submittal about their service experience from a Saab/Cadillac dealership, I would be interested in finding out more about what other customers have experienced as well at all levels, Sales, service and the parts department.

If Saab exclusive dealerships are where the knowledge base currently is, in the United States, how will the Saab/Hummer/Cadillac arrangements work in their absense in the future if currently, Saab dealerships are the only dealerships that can solve the tough technical problems and ultimately better satisfy the loyal Saab customers?

I leave you with a video from the Saab Roundtable filmed during the 2007 Saab Owners Convention in Troy, Michigan last August and look forward to your thoughts on this dealership arrangement in the United States.

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