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Saab Automobile have been conducting their own crash tests since 1947, however there has been some news as of late that apparently came from a Swedish news source was continued by the Gas 2.0 blog, that claims that GM/Saab have been “conducting crash tests with real cadavers”

Here is what they indicate, followed by a quote by Saab Automobile Sweden’s Communications person, Christer Nilsson.

According to Swedish car safety specialist Claes Tingvall, GM has wrapped up a multi-year project which used dead human bodies instead of crash dummies. Specifically, the tests were made with Saab automobiles.

Tingvall told the Swedish Newspaper Expressen, that people had donated their bodies for the tests. He said the bodies aided researcher in better design of crash dummies, and, of course, see first-hand injuries sustained by human bodies in car accidents.

The article, in the English language website, The Local, says neither Saab or GM has acknowledged using human cadavers in any tests.

A Saab spokesperson, Christer Nilsson is quoted in Expressen as saying,

“We are with GM through thick and thin. We conduct our own research and try to find other methods to achieve our results, with the help of computers, for example.”

I am interested in how this information really originated from this paper, but I would also even more interested if Alf Persson still works at Saab Automobile AB in Sweden as their chief crash test engineer with attentino to what he has to say about this recent news from Sweden’s Expressen Newspaper.

For more information on Alf Persson and Saab Automobile’s Saab Crash Tests, here is a post I found about Alf Persson back in 2001 that I think you will find very informative.

Furthermore, I hope that Saab Automobile Sweden’s Alf Persson, can shed some more light on this by giving his own personal details as well as some current MY2008 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan and Sport Combi crash test videos actually conducted at Saab Automobile Sweden’s Technical Development facility in Trollhättan, Sweden.

I have sent an e-mail to Saab Sweden requesting their comments from their engineer, Alf Persson as well the aforementionedl videos of the MY2008 Saab 9-3 Sedans and SportCombis actually being crash tested in their facility in order to bring some real credibility countering this recent story from Sweden’s Expression.

I look forward to Saab Automobile Sweden’s response!

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