Kjell-Ã…ke Eriksson Appointed To Direct Saab Germany

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Kjell-Ã…ke Eriksson, who has worked for 30-years at Saab Automobile Sweden and currently is the Vehicle Line Director for Saab Automobile AB, has recently been appointed as Managing Director for Saab Automobile Germany.

Kjell-Ã…ke Eriksson, whom I interviewed back in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit thanks to Euro Tech Colorado, should be a great addition to Saab Automobile Germany, but who now will be his replacement as vehicle line director at Saab Automobile Sweden?

Here is the press release loosely translated thanks to Babelfish:


Change at the Saab Germany point * Kjell Ake Eriksson of new managing directors of the Saab Germany GmbH * Willi Fey takes over line of the mark-spreading GME Teilegeschäfts for central and Eastern Europe * Hans Jörg Hänggi new sales director of the Saab Germany GmbH Ruesselsheim. Kjell Ake Eriksson (55) becomes 1 June 2008 a new managing director of the Saab Germany GmbH.

kjell.jpgThe Swede, who can look back on one more than 30 years long Saab career, was last in several leading positions in the engineer range active, among them as an Executive Director for the series 9-3 and 9-5 as well as responsible person for future projects.

Eriksson replaces thereby Willi Fey (54), which becomes starting from June with GM Europe Director Independent Aftermarket Europe. Fey transfers with the guidance of three independent GME own societies for the free, mark-spreading partial business to central and Eastern European markets the trading area with large growth potential, strategically important for general of engine.

Thomas Owsianski, Executive Director, Sales, marketing & Aftersales for OPELs, Chevrolet and Saab in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, congratulated the coming Saab Germany boss to its new task: „I am pleased with Kjell Ake Eriksson an experienced automan as a new managing director to have won.

I am convinced of the fact that he will continue to make progress with the mark Saab in Germany. “ Owsianski further: „I thank you Willi Fey. It introduced a clear new start during its management with Saab Germany. With large commitment and expert knowledge by it the bases for a future success-bringing of the mark were created. In addition count not least the optimization of the sales partner and service nets. “ So the Saab Germany GmbH could register this yearly with 1420 units a clear plus in the first four months with the license payments in the comparison to the previous year.

Beyond that it comes with Saab Germany also to a new occupation of the position of the sales director: The role is taken over starting from 1 August von Hans Jörg Hänggi. It bring along likewise long years Saab experience and was last in the marketing range of the Saab center in Sweden active. After the successful introduction of the completely revised 9-3 series and the new TTiD and bio power engines further product innovations the crucial switches are posed to the future with the again developed, since short available, ultramodern all-wheel drive system Saab XWD (CROSS Wheel drive) and. Beyond that Saab plans the introduction of a number of new products for the year 2009.

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