Saab Automobile & Hummer : Two Opposing World Views

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As both a follow-up to the AIA Convention I recently attended in Boston as well as my post on the Saab/Cadillac/Hummer dealership arrangement in the United States, I leave you with a very funny message that the presenter of the final seminar at that convention on “Solar and Wind Power” who indicated the “Need to change the mindset in terms of the American idea of power and energy use today in both the transportation and built environment”.

This presenter who runs a solar design consulting company in Massachusetts also emphasized that there were two opposing world views in the United States today, those being the following:

“A 6,500 pound grocery getter capable of para-military maneuvers getting single digit miles per gallon on the way home from soccer practice or a fully integrated intelligent design hybrid electric that gets 65 miles to the gallon minimum with the most efficient drag co-efficient in the industry”

It is important to indicate that in the near future while GM already showcases Saab’s in the event show circuit next to each other, like the recent NY Auto Show, they will also be, showcased together at the dealership level as “premium brands”, even though they couldn’t be any more opposite.

This dialog continues to prompt more important questions on how and why GM believes they can successfully sell and service the aforementioned “6,500 pound para-military single digit mileage SUV alongside a fuel efficient environmentally friendly brand in parallel to one another.

Other questions to ponder include the following:

Do the current 1st quarter results in the automobile industry of Toyota trumping GM in sales, send a clear message to GM?

What will the inclusion of both Saab & Hummer at the dealership, do to the environmentally friendly, progressive image of the Saab Automobile brand?

Furthermore, why has Saab Automobile been careful about their plans to produce the Saab 9-X BioHybrid Concept car? If and when Saab do produce this vehicle, when will it be available for sale in our Saab dealerships that are begging for this vehicle as we speak?

Please answer these questions as well as: “What direction will you take and why”? in the comments below.

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