1995 – Saab Ecopower : Saab Innovation

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In 1995, Saab Automobile’s engine development took a new direction with an innovation initially as a concept called “ecopower” which was a new technology for turbocharged engines that was presented at the Franktfurt Motor Show.

This technology stands for high performance combined with environmental and economical concerns. The turbocharging technology is a vital component to this development along with Saab’s Trionic engine management system.

The Saab ecopower system ensures that the engine is running as cleanly and economically as possible, at all times.


1995: Ecopower – Saab’s engine development does not simply focus on performance. Power should be instantly available but not at the expense of economy and environmental concern. Ecopower is the collective name for our efforts in this field. Turbo, ignition, engine management and catalytic converters are not treated as separate units, but are optimised to create a harmonious power source

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