Saab Automobile’s “Rightsizing” Philosophy

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It is the right time to bring Saab Automobile’s “rightsizing” philosophy to the forefront. As of late, there have been mixed rumors about the state of the Saab 9-4x BioPower Concept being produced with both non-turbo’d and larger than 4-cylinder engines. I was told at the Detroit International Auto Show this past January that the 9-4x will be the halo vehicle for E-85 in North America and would be produced with none other than a Saab 4-cylinder BioPower engine.

To set the record straight, it has been indicated that Saab Automobile’s philosophy holds true that all Saabs will be “right sized” from here on out.

“Rightsizing” equates to more output through smaller physical displacement. This definition is Saab’s powerplant heritage starting with the very first SAAB 92. In fact the term “right sizing” relates to Saab Automobile’s answer to what they call “responsible performance”, so it would imply than the opposite of this would be simply irresponsible performance.

To clarify, the equations go like this:

Responsible Performance (Right Sized) = Small engine + high torque

Irresponsible Performance (Wrong Sized) = Large engine + low torque

It is my hope that this “right sized” philosophy will remain as indicated, because frankly, it has to because it is not only in line with Saab’s powerplant heritage, but it is what the market demands today, smaller engines with higher output, not vice versa.

I hope you enjoyed the video above that features Knut Simonsson, Saab Automobile Sweden’s global product director, at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show where he describes Saab Automobile’s “Rightsizing” philosophy.

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  1. Shavana

    10. Jun, 2008

    very much informative about automobile industry.

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  2. Ryan

    10. Jun, 2008


    What do you think was the most informative part of the film itself?

    – R

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  3. sarah

    29. Aug, 2008

    Responsible Performance (Right Sized) = Small engine + high torque

    this equation is very correct….

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  4. Eddie

    29. Aug, 2008

    Excellent article !!

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  5. Ryan

    04. Sep, 2008


    Thanks! The video is good too!

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  6. Doris

    19. Sep, 2010

    Awesome! This video is very informative. This will help those who are looking possible ideas for the automotive industry and have plans in building an automotive empire. Glad that I found this site.

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