Saab Automobile Sweden’s PR Christer Nilsson Retires

Posted on 12. Jun, 2008 by in 2000-2009, Company

On June 1st, Saab Automobile Sweden’s Corporate Communications chief, Christer Nilsson has chosen to take an early retirement option from General Motors.

Christer Nilsson has worked with Saab Automobile Sweden since 1972 and has been working as as their public relations officer for the past few years.

Prior to Christer, an Örjan Åslund worked in the position as information chief.

While this news may be a few weeks old, I felt it was important to indicate because it is still unclear as to who will be taking over at this position within Saab Automobile Sweden. Furthermore, I should mention that there has not been an official Saab Automobile Sweden press release since March of this year.

Here’s hoping that this position is replaced and that the press releases can continue from within Saab Automobile Sweden.

If the position within the communications department of Saab Automobile Sweden’s corporate headquarters is not to be replaced, how will we get the news directly from Trollhättan, Sweden?

I have sent in a few e-mails to Saab Automobile Sweden ascertaining this information as to who will be (hopefully) taking over this position.

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