Handen av Öde – The Hands of Fate

Posted on 24. Jun, 2008 by in 2000-2009, 9000

Uncle Carl dIslikes car crushers
The 9000CS Before The Tow Arrived

Was it not 36 hours ago when I posted about the grave matter of sending perfectly good Saabs to the crusher or cars that suffered an unfortunate ownership at the hands of a negligent owner? Yesterday was one of the rare occasions that yielded a happy ending for both the seller and the buyer!

So I was working out in the cloudy, cold and rainy environs of my screened-in porch around lunchtime yesterday when the cell phone started buzzing away flashing “Ryan” on the screen. Well, sure enough it was Ryan and he told me about this guy who had just called his buddy’s shop looking to offload a 1997 9000 CS. By offload, I mean it in the worst possible way… the guy was on the verge of calling the junkyard to have a perfectly running and driving car sent to the crusher for the lack of a “proper buyer”.

Granted, the 9000 is a really nice car, but it’s not for everyone. I had one sitting on my front lawn for four months a few years ago before someone came and bought it on Christmas Eve. The parts can be a touch expensive and hard to find, and that naturally strikes it off the lists of many would-be buyers. This guy selling the car knew that; knowing that the hood was chipped, headlight was cracked and it sat for a year, Ryan and I went to save it from a fate worse than sitting in a driveway for all eternity waiting for a buyer.

When we arrived, the 9000 was purring in the driveway as the clouds started to break. The car was beautiful – black paint in need of a little TLC, sand beige leather interior, manual tranny, 220k miles (hardly broken in!) and nothing of any major significance wrong with it. It didn’t take long to walk around the thing and think up a quick offer. Offer accepted, Ryan called for the trusty AAA Plus tow back to the central part of the state so his mechanic could start fixing it up for road use.

The 9000 is safely in the hands of a trusted Saab mechanic at this time, getting ready for Ryan’s fiancée to drive it as a daily driver.

Up, Up and Away

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  1. faw

    24. Jun, 2008

    I can’t wait to get it out on the road! In fact, I already know that the first trip this car will make is down to Portsmouth for some beers and chowder at the Stockpot!

    And I now really feel like I can consider myself part of the Saab Community, since my hard earned dollars (Thanks Bushwacker for your tax rebate) bought me an oldie but goodie!

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