A Saab 9-4x & Land Rover LRX Concept Comparison

Posted on 28. Jun, 2008 by in 2000-2009, 9-4X BioPower

While attending the New York Auto Show this past March, while seeing the Saab 9-4x BioPower Concept again in person, I also noticed at Land Rover’s booth, the LRX Concept vehicle.

At first glance, I began to pick up a variety of similiar design cues that these vehicles shared, in fact, I started to look at the LRX more closely and noticed some strong “Saab” design cues inside and out.

For comparison sake, I’ve provided the official exterior photos above for you to see for yourself. Look at the C-pillar, the lenses, the bumper designs, the roof slope, the blacked out “invisible” a pillar as well, don’t you see a lot of similiarities here? The LRX almost looks like a CUV take off from a Saab C900 or 99, don’t you think? What are your thoughts?

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