Saab Automobile Supporting 2008 Tour De France

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Saab Automobile’s advertising and promotional activities this year seem to be all about cycling events particularly with their sponsorship of the Mavic cycling team who are participating in the 2008 Tour De France.

I was checking out the 2008 Tour De France website and see Mavic as one of the sponsors, so I guess this is how Saab was able to get in as a sponsor, where they are supporting one of the teams that are participating in the event.

I was wondering where all of the advertising dollars are being spent and as you will see with the cycling event, it doesn’t just stop there, just look at the Saab USA ads on bicycling magazine.

For an international event such as the 2008 Tour De France, I am surprised that it appears that Saab USA’s tagline “Born From Jets”, is being used as it is a global event as I thought that Saab Automobile AB as a global company was sponsorsing it and not just Saab Automobile USA.

If this event is sponsored by Saab Automobile AB with global marketing dollars, wouldn’t the “Move Your Mind” Global campaign slogan be used instead or is “Born From Jets” now being applied as the global tagline?

Here is the press release below of this engagement:


DETROIT – This summer, the world’s leading racers will once again pursue that prestigious yellow jersey. Keep up with Saab’s cycling passion by tuning into the Tour de France broadcast on Versus. Running from July 5-27, 2008, the famed cycling race will cover a total distance of 2,200 miles. You can follow all the action and look for the upcoming widget on

Saab is the official neutral support car of Mavic USA – the organization committed to assisting all cycling racers. Clad in the famous Mavic yellow, a fleet of Saab 9-3 SportCombi vehicles now provide every rider with free, reliable support before, during and after the most competitive Mavic race events in the United States.

Saab is also the official U.S. team vehicle of Team Slipstream-Chipotle presented by H30. This American cycling team is known for its distinctive argyle kits – a perfect complement to vehicles renowned for their distinctive Scandinavian style. Read the Saab/Slipstream Sports press release for more details about this stylish and powerful partnership.

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