Saab Automobile USA Mid-Year Sales Figures

Posted on 02. Jul, 2008 by in 2000-2009

Saab Automobile USA Sales have been recently reported as being down 51.7% this past June since June 2007, Saab’s 60th Anniversary Year. Overall, Saab sales in the U.S. year-to-date are down 28.6% since last year.

If you look back, you can see that there were a lot more incentives last year in comparison to this year, especially with Saab dealerships needing to remove MY07 inventory in order to replace them with MY08 units.

Another factor that has not been increased however, has been the advertising and it shows. If you ask anyone in the United States today, especially any Saab dealerships, they will tell you that Saab advertising in the U.S. is basically non-existent.

All of this means that Saab is basically the best-kept secret in the automobile industry today and it’s a shame because so much that has gone into the company over the years to develop and produce some incredible products and now no one knows about them and sales are finally starting to reflect this.

Here are the year-to-year statistics for units sold including June 2007 to June 2008.

July 1 (Reuters) – Following are Saab Automobile AB U.S. car sales in June 2008 versus the same year-earlier month and for the year to date.


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4 Responses to “Saab Automobile USA Mid-Year Sales Figures”

  1. theirritablearchitect

    07. Jul, 2008

    I think the advertising budget was deemed expendable when sales started to seriously flag on the global market, and GM started considering selling the brand shortly thereafter.

    Pretty much since then, I’d say it’s been a case of brand abuse, which GM is notorious for anyway. They’ve consolidated brands and outright folded some (Olds) in order to make the balance sheet look better.

    Look for Saab to be purchased by private equity firm soon.

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  2. Fred

    17. Nov, 2008

    Saab’s problems today as we know it started with GM, period.
    GM from the beginning did not fully embrace the core culture/brand of Saab, and therefore never understood how to strengthen and grow the European Saab brand already in place. (Kind of like moving to another country and not learning the language)
    They never listened to their dedicated and hardworking core dealers with over 1,000 years of Saab retail/product experience and as a result introduced the brand weakening
    9-2x (Saabaru) and the 9-7x (Chevy trail blazer) both doomed from the beginning by the information age of the internet.
    The desperately needed capital investment was never made and as a result the 9-3 and 9-5 series could not compete with other European car companies and the sales results speak for themselves. So what’s the answer for Saab? Gm should find a buyer where there is an equitable lineage and bring Saab back to its true European brand.

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  3. Ryan

    17. Nov, 2008


    Totally agreed!

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  4. Aaron Winstanley

    18. Dec, 2008

    I think Saab should be offered to sell to Sir Richard Branson! He can make conpanies make money and he owns a 2008 9-5 SportWagon BioPower!

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