The Saab Automobile USA Dedicated Delivery System

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The process of purchasing a new vehicle is important, and over the years Saab Automobile has done an incredible job at showing the level of committment and premium experience they can with a program called the dedicated delivery system.

According to the GM fleet website, the definition of the Saab Dedicated Delivery system is the following:

* The Saab retailer will conduct a thorough inspection of the new Saab prior to delivery. At the time of delivery, the Saab Sales Consultant will present a complete tour of the vehicle and a package of ownership materials.

This package of materials provided at the time of delivery has included a number of items over the years, such as simple accessories, clocks, hats, to books, etc, but that’s not all that it included.

Robert J. Sinclair, the former president of Saab-Scania of America (1979-1991), was very much a part in this process back when he was President. During his time, he went as far as to include letters to each customer providing that level of support and assistance when taking ownership of a new Saab.
Here is a brief 15 second clip from the 1989 Saab dealer introduction launch video that describes these items that were provided at the time including an original copy of the letter sent to customers three years earlier.


I would be interested in hearing from new Saab customers that have experienced the Saab Dedicated Delivery System to see your feedback is at this time.

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  1. Bob Austin

    27. May, 2010

    I had the pleasure of both knowing and working with Bob during his time at the other Swedish car company, Volvo. Bob understood that we (both Volvo and Saab) were selling much more than sheetmetal. We were selling membership in an elite club. The visible manifestation of that was a somewhat odd looking, unusual, but very practial and safe automobile. Almost more important than that was the fact that you were more than a customer, you were a member of a group that everyone could not, and to be honest, would not want to belong to. Saab never wanted everyone to buy their cars, nor did Volvo. They wanted to build idealistic cars which represented some very clear design principles for a group of people who understood and appreciated them.

    Saab owners cared that they got a letter from Bob Sinclair. They knew he was not Betty Crocker. If they called in, they could speak with Bob. If they were out of line, he would tell them as much. But he was the genuine article and so were Saab cars. I hope that in the not too distant future, under the direction of Victor Muller, Saab will get back to its roots. That goes way beyond having the key on the transmission hump. It means having the car’s design be shaped by its function. You do not add “Saabness: to an existing platform. Saabness starts from a clean sheet of paper or a blank computer screen. I wish Saab well, even though I have always been a Volvo guy. And I miss Bob Sinclair, because he was the genuine article. I am glad I had the chance to know him.

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