Saab Automobile USA’s Advertising : 2008 Tour De France

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Saab Automobile USA & Versus have partnered to provide coverage of the 2008 Tour de France. As indicated on the versus website, you can clearly see the Saab USA “Born From Jets” themed banner ads, as well as as the video coverage integrated into the first stage.

If you are like me, you may have also been watching the 2008 Tour de France over the past 10 stages, and to my amazement, I have yet to see any more Saab USA television advertisements or web ads since the first stage except for the brief verbal mentions within the “Saab Performance Predictions” segments.

So here’s the question, besides the static banner ads on the website and predictions segments of the coverage, will there be any more showcasing of Saab USA’s ads in the daily stage recaps of the 2008 Tour de France on the versus website in addition to any of the Saab/Mavic branded 9-3 SportCombis in bright yellow? I was expecting a lot more here for sure, here’s hoping that the new ads begin to show up before the event is over.

I would like to ask you the visitor, have you seen any Saab USA ads in concert with the Saab / Mavic partnership whether it is television, radio, print, web or in person? It’ll be interesting to see if there has been any real reach with the advertising money that is being spent here by Saab Automobile USA.

Where have you seen Saab USA ads with the 2008 Tour de France / Mavic partnership?

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One Response to “Saab Automobile USA’s Advertising : 2008 Tour De France”

  1. peter

    18. Jul, 2008

    Re Mavic ……….

    The article says …… first international appearance … Tour de France 2009 and I can confirm that I watched the tour today (i.e. 2008 !) and there were three Mavic vehicles :

    2 X Skoda wagons
    1X motorcycle

    In fact they seem to chop and change quite frequently :


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