The General Motors Press Conference In Detroit

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Photo Credit: Saab History

On Tuesday at 9am-9:55am on the second level of the GM Global headquarters at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit, GM CEO Rick Wagoner has just announced the General Motors turnaround plan for their new business strategy for their current challenges.

Fritz Henderson, Bob Lutz, Tony Clarke and other members of the management team were on hand to answer questions once the announcement has been made.

I phoned in to the media line to listen into this press conference and here is what I have learned in addition to what has been previously addressed today:

In the hour-long conference, I heared all sorts of plans about GM’s plans to unload salaries, employees, healthcare, truck divisions, plants, as well as references to the diversity of their other brands including more talk about investing more in their European Cadillac push. I found it once again ironic that I never once heard a reference to the Saab brand at all, although I did pose a question that apparently did not make the queue in time for consideration.

This question and answer component of this press conference reminded me distinctly of the Washington, D.C. Auto show back in January where I did get the chance to ask a question and get an answer.

I understand that Saab is a small player in the global schema, but for General Motors to exclude it again makes me wonder how they are seriously going to turnaround their company. Saab Automobile is all about fuel efficient small cars and IS the answer to their problems if only they begin to seriously invest in it.

On the positive outcomes of this press conference, the new 9-5 as referenced (ie. + New midsize car and wagon for Saab) and the brand not getting the axe is good to hear.

I understand this press conference will be available in broadcast format just after 1:00pm EST here in the United States, so here’s hoping that I can get permission to get it up here for you to listen in for yourself.

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