A Film By Saab Sweden on Erik Carlsson’s Rally History

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film.jpg I have just received another film from the former New England Saab Association secretary, this time a bit longer than the previous film .
This film, complete with narration and produced by SAAB SWEDEN in 1964, features Erik Carlsson in the entire Monte-Carlo Rally, footage of the SAAB ANA testing and competition facility as well as brief clips of the Safari, Tulip, Polish and RAC Rallies.
Erik Carlsson as well as his co-pilot, Gunnar Palm, were both present at the 2007 60th Anniversary Saab Festival dinner that took place in Trollhättan, Sweden last summer.
If you are interested Saab’s world rewknowned rally legend Erik Carlsson or Saab Rallying in general, please sit back, relax and enjoy the nearly 45 minutes worth of vintage rally footage in none other than the legendary SAAB 96.

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  1. Ted Y

    30. Jul, 2008

    Wonderful video. I haven’t had time to watch the whole video, but it’s priceless, especially that shot of Erik Carlsson being awakened by the camera lights a the 5:40 mark. Many thanks to the New England Saab Association for providing it.
    I assume the clips from inside the car were staged shots from different cars. The video opened with a 63 style dash, and at the 5:06 mark, it was a 64 GT-850 style dash. Still though, I really liked the inside shots.

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  2. Ryan

    30. Jul, 2008


    Thanks. I think this video may also be the only video online that has the most complete coverage of the 1964 Saab Monte Carlo Rally to this day.

    – R

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  3. David Drupa

    02. Aug, 2008

    Which was the famous Monte Carlo rally car that burned about 10 years ago in a field in Silver Spring Maryland? I was purchasing a door for a 1976 BMW 2002 and the property owner was very upset about the loss of the historic SAAB on his property… I seem to recall that it was a lightning strike which started a fire in a semi-protected field of several notable collectables… The place is gone now – I was always surprised that zoning allowed this guy to keep his cars where he did…

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  4. Garry Deaton

    02. Oct, 2008

    I was fortunate enough to meet Erik Carlsson and listen to him give a speech at a National Saab Owners convention in Tulsa in the mid eighties. As a TSD rallyist and a performance rally fan, his tales were very entertaining and made me wish that was around to see it all happen first hand. I was the rallymaster for the convention and met many other fine Saab enthusiasts including Tom French, who was an SCCA Pro Rally participant at the time.

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  5. Ryan

    02. Oct, 2008


    Very nice to hear from you. So you were the rallymaster at the 1987 Saab Owners Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wow!

    I am looking for ANYTHING from that event here on the Saab History Saab Owners Convention Archive, take a look.


    If you can provide me anything, even copies, that would be great, I could return them to you if need be.

    I look forward to your response.



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  6. Garry D

    03. Oct, 2008

    I’m not sure that I have much of anything from the convention, but, the “head
    honcho” was Jim Glavas. I’m not sure that he is in Tulsa anymore, but, I will
    check. I do usually keep my old rallies, so, those rally instructions may
    still exist.
    By the by, Tom French won the rally. I first met him while crewing for Ken
    Stewart at the BIG BEND BASH. I was driving the service vehicle on a dirt road
    towards Carrol Shelby’s ranch to service Ken’s I.H. Scout when Tom’s service
    vehicle passed me. A short time later one of the ramps fell off of Tom’s
    trailer onto the road. I retrieved it and returned it to Tom’s crew. I still
    haven’t gotten that beer I was promised!! HA HA!!


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