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Sergio Coggiola, an Italian designer, created Coggiola Carrozziere Srl company in 1966 near Turin, Italy. A few years later, he was contracted to start working on two projects for the Saab Car Division of Saab-Scania.

The first project was the last of the Sonett 97 model line, the Saab Sonett III that was produced from 1970 until 1974.

The second project that was going to be produced, but ended up only as a prototype, was the Saab 98 Combi Coupé Prototype which was built in 1974, 1975 and 1976, although only one version exists today.

This experience with Saab led to a number of other projects after leaving Saab which included the Lancia Thema, a variation of the Saab 600, but both of these two projects eventually led to early designs of the Saab 9000 which began in 1978 and were eventually produced from 1985 until 1998.

For more information on Sergio Coggiola’s design, please visit his website directly to see his continued successes

I leave you with a passage from the book, Alla SAABs Sportbilar by Björn Svallner about Sergio Coggiola’s Sonett III design.


Saab had turned to Italy’s Sergio Coggiola in the hope that he could give the Sonett a more attractive shape. Why go to an Italian designer? The answer is simple. Saab felt it would be a strength to be able to point to a big name and say that the lines had been dictated by a well known stylist from the country that led in car design – Italy.

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