Saab History Urges Filming of 2008 SOC

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Saab History Urges Filming of 2008 Saab Owners Convention

As it looks now, I still plan on attending this year’s 2008 Saab Owners Convention and was hoping to be on retainer to film the convention a long time ago, however it appears that there is no official interest to film the convention like I had hoped, so this leaves the responsibility to film this event to you, the attendees.

I think it’s important that we get some great coverage of the event and package it well, so it can be communicated to those that attended, or even those that did not get the chance to attend, for the record.

There are a number of areas that should filmed such as the ever so informative technical sessions with John Moss, presentation by Peter Backström of the Saab Car Museum, the speaking engagement by Sten Wennlo on Friday night, the state of Saab by Steve Shannon on Saturday night and of course, the round table on Sunday morning.

I have filmed these activities previously with others such as the 2007 SOC and 2006 SOC, and hoped to do so again this year, so in lieu of any sponsor to cover the the cost for Saab History to film the event, I urge all that are attending to film these activities on an individual basis.

I must say that I am extremely surprised that the last time Saab Automobile USA hired a subcontractor to film a Saab Owners Convention, was the 1997 Saab Owners Convention in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire which was where their new Saab 9-5 made it’s stateside debut. That was eleven years ago and this year, the 2008 Saab Owners Convention is in their #1 market, yet no sign of filming of the event.

If someone is interested in retaining Saab History to do some filming during the event, please check out some of my work on the Saab History services page, as well as a video that I compiled but did not film of the 2002 Saab Owners Convention, so if you are interested and in the market, e-mail me asap at to discuss your proposal and budget. I may still consider it, but it’s highly unlikely given the timing and logistics with just 9 days to go.

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