Saab Automobile Was To Be Official Car Of Boston Red Sox

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This news just blows me away, and here’s the inside scoop thanks to an insider:

According to a recent insider whom has contacted Saab History in confidence, there was a deal in play back in 2003 where none other than the Boston Red Sox contacted Saab Automobile USA to be their official car sponsor.

turbox_plate_boston.jpgThe sum of monies to seal the deal was under 250k, and all Saab Automobile USA had to do was get their advertising agency (Lowe Brindfors in New York), to convince Saab USA’s marketing people to do it, but Lowe declined and let it pass.

As we know, the following year (2004) the Boston Red Sox went onto win their first world series in years, again in 2007 and during that time Volvo picked up the sponsorship deal worth over a half a million dollars.

Talk about opportunity lost, but even more, why couldn’t Saab Automobile USA’s advertising agency seal the deal, was it that they were located in New York and were not looking out for their client, but even better yet did not want their home town (New York Yankees) to loose their edge by giving their competitors, the edge?

I’ve always wondered what it would be like if the Boston Red Sox was the official car of the Saab Automobile, and now we’ve found out that the Red Sox wanted Saab USA, but Saab USA’s marketing & advertising team could not sign the dotted line.

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