A Week Of Working On The Saab

Posted on 25. Sep, 2008 by in 2000-2009


This week, I have kept a less active engagement with the latest news and content due to some recent car committments that require my immediate attention.

As you may know, back on June 24th, I acquired a 1997 Saab 9000 for my wife, that duals as our “winter” car now, that we are back in New England.

Over the course of this week, I have been knee deep working with none other Carl, the Audio Troll genius to figure out why there are so many electrical gremlins taking my wife’s Saab 9000 by storm as of late.

I guess this is what we get for a high mileage vehicle (223,000) that has not been taken care of, but I feel that in the next 48 hours, I will take this car back and turn things around for the better.

I’ve done this in my 1989 Saab 9000 Turbo back in 2002 and it was eventually flawless, so there’s no reason that after some more hard work and diagnosing for the remainder of the week, we can begin send these electrical gremlins to another home, preferably far away from me, my wife and any Saab!

I am leaving you with a sketch that a Saab technical writer in Sweden sketched that ironically enough, was depicted on page 13 of the official Saab 9000 repair manual for this car. Not the most enlightening visual to see passing through and diagnosing electrical issues, right?

While this Saab was made by Trolls in Trollhättan as the sticker goes, these gremlins aren’t as nice as the Trolls.

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  1. David J. Apgar

    07. Oct, 2008

    I am looking for somewhere that I can get information about a running problem on a 93 SAAB CSE Non Turbo.


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  2. Ryan

    07. Oct, 2008


    Hello. I could gladly send you to one of my site sponsors, if they are local, they could help you.

    Where are you located?


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