Saab Sonett III Autocrosses in S. Portland, Maine Today

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Photo Credits: Saab History

Ever since returning back to my native land of New England, I have slowly begun to fully immerse myself backin into the Saab Community once again.

Today was no exception to this immersion into the Saab Community where I got the opportunity to see Chris Moberg, chair of the Cumberland Motor Club, and long time Saab enthusiast with the New England Saab Association. Chris hit the wet tarmack today at the Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine with his 1971 Saab Sonett III “Yellow Thunder”.

Earlier that morning, I had my doubts that this event may not even take place due to the rain, but then I got to thinking that the wet element, would make for an appealing addition to an autocross.

This event was fairly well attended with just about every other make and class in attendance at this club’s last autocross event of the year.

sonett2.jpgAfter I patiently awaited along with everyone else in the pouring rain, “Yellow Thunder” finally made a tremendous entrance onto the closed parking lot course by rounding all cones within small tolerances of touching them and finished his first heat without breaking a sweat. After I saw the maneuvering Sonett make it without a hitch, I had to ask Chris about what techniques were used during the run as he stunned the crowd. His response was great and I quote “I never needed to exercise my emergency brake”.

This event triggered my memory of the recent Turbo-X test drive event that took place just North of Boston, Massachusetts back in May. What that day would have been if it were raining, now that would have been a better way to test the abilities of the new XWD cross-wheel drive system in addition to just performance.

The experience today was fun as visitor, even in the inclimate weather as we got to see some performance and handling at the same time, conveyed with multiple makes and models and varying levels of driving abilities.

If I were to be buying a new car, I’d be asking myself where I can both gain the skills of the driver as well as vehicle as capable as the Saab Sonett III. These types of venues would be great to have a Saab tent with 3-4 Saab vehicles with cross-wheel drive available for the public to test…in the rain. Saab was, as you would guest very under represented at this venue.

Let’s also keep this in mind, Chris and his 1971 Saab Sonett III had the “second fastest raw time of the day” ahead of many modern all-wheel drive vehicles!

To learn more about the Chris’s Sonetts including “Yellow Thunder”, please visit his website directly.

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  1. Dave

    02. Feb, 2010

    looking for: 1971 Saab Sonett III parts
    > right side vent window with hardware
    > rear bumper parts or whole
    > seat belts and hardware
    > manifold to exhaust gaskets
    > lower radiator hose to heater box

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