Saab Automobile’s Global Sales Volume 1947-2007

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Graph Credit: Saab History / Click on graph to see full enlarged version

After spending a signficantly long amount of time over the past few months to finally locate the accurate data, I have finally compiled a complete graph through the ages of Saab Automobile’s total Global Sales from 1947 until 2007.

I think the interesting part about this graph is to look at trends through each era, whether it was the Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget era (1947-1969, the Saab-Scania era (1969-1989) or the present day General Motors era (1989-Present).

For the record, it’s great to see where Saab as a company, sales wise has been over the years, so let this serve as a nice reference point from here on out.

* Please Note: Global Sales Totals for 2000, have not been entered as I have not been able to locate them, please let me know if you have them so we can include them here in the statistics, I just could not wait any longer to endlessly search for that remaining year.


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