Saab USA Headquarters Opening – Norcross, Georgia 1992

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The Opening Of Saab Cars USA, Inc. Heaquarters in Norcross, Georgia was officially dedicated on June 9th, 1992.

Please read the original press release issued at the time as well as two letters from the then president of Saab Cars USA, Inc. Bill Kelly about the move to Norcross, Georgia from Orange, Connecticut that were published in Saab-Soundings magazine.

Dear Saab Friend,

There are many exciting developments underway at Saab Cars USA, Inc. Most notable is the fact that in the Spring Saab is relocating its U.S. Corporate headquarters to the Atlanta, Georgia area, the fastest growing business center and transportation hub in the Southeast. This move is an extremely proactive measure on Saab’s part to improve the company’s long-term competitiveness in these economically challenging but opportunity-filled times.

Like the past emphasis by manufacturers to optimize quality and manufacturing efficiency, the next industry “battleground” will certainly be the sales and distribution chain. Those manufacturers who market their products more efficiently will enjoy a competitive advantage, and this is specifically the rationale that directed our headquarters relocation to Atlanta.

Having lived in Atlanta serveral years ago when I served as Saab’s Regional Manager in that portion of the country and established our first Southern Regional Office, I know that Southern living and it’s “hospitality” will underscore the distinct personality and appeal of our company and its fine products. Similiarly, the Atlanta area’s burgeoning business and industry-leading international trade advantages will be assets as Saab positions itself to be even more competitive when introducing new families of models within the next few years.

Dear Saab Friend,

Business leaders, community dignitaries, and friends and associates from Saab’s Swedish parent company, Saab Automobile AB, joined us in officially dedicating the new Norcross, Georgia headquarters of Saab Cars USA on June 9th, 1992. As I shared with you in the last issue of Saab Soundings, Saab’s relocation to the Atlanta area was only the first of many proactive measures we have planned. As we continue with our aggressive drive toward long-term competitiveness, you’ll learn of many more innovative strategies, all design to keep Saab lean, responsive and entrepreneurial.

Earlier this year, as the new office space at our Norcross site was rapidly being transformed into a progressive work environment, I was once again reminded of the true heart of the Saab organization – our dedicated staff. Beyond the walls, furnishings, workshops and computer terminals is the real core of our success, an enthusiastic team of professionals, comprised of both familiar and new faces. Each member of our Saab family is committed to working with our U.S. dealer network, not only to provide you, our customer, with a distinctive, quality product, but to ensure top service levels for every Saab 9000 and 900.

While can’t personally introduce to you all the individuals that make up Saab Cars USA, Inc. I am devoting a portion of these two pages to take you on a brief visual tour of our new Norcross facility. The photos on this page certainly can’t convey the enthusiasm and excitement so evident within our offices, but they do give you an insider’s view of our new Saab work environment.

Group Photo Caption (2nd photo from left)

“Celebrating the official dedication of Saab’s new Norcross, Georgia U.S. headquarters were (left to right) Ken Adams, vice president, finance and administration, Saab Cars USA, Inc.; Hans Halbach, executive vice president, Saab Automobile AB and chairman, Saab Cars USA, Inc.;David J. Herman, former president and chief executive officer, Saab Automobile AB (succeeded by Keith O. Butler – Wheelhouse); William S. Kelly, president and chief executive officer, Saab Cars USA, Inc.;Randy Sandberg, executive vice president, Saab-Scania AB; Lars Kylberg, president, Saab-Scania AB and Jan Jonsson, vice president, sales and marketing, Saab Cars USA, Inc.

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4 Responses to “Saab USA Headquarters Opening – Norcross, Georgia 1992”

  1. david h thomson

    21. Jul, 2009

    i perchase a new saab in 2007 its a great car but after i had a short time i was told buy the dealer it was not worth much money. they told me saab does not have no trade in this all true i would like a address is david thomson 1420 lyons chase circle murrysville pa 15668 2626 thank you

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  2. robert gilbert

    09. Jun, 2011

    where due turn when you receive bad service from a saab dealer. we have had problems with this dealership before but had no other place to turn. this dealership needs to be looked into by saab headquarters. example: we took our 9-3 saab to the dealership to get the top service for the third time est. was to be $1500 to replace the leaking actuators. we did not use the convertrible during the winter so in the spring we took the car to the dealer to have the repairs completed. when this estimate was made the dealer charged for trouble shooting the system of appox-ly $287.00. when the car was returned to be repaired there was a $300.00 charge for adding fluid and a new estimate of $3200.00 for the repairs. as we have had trouble with this dealership before we places a piece of paper between the top of the windshield and the top. there-fore if the top was lowered the paper would fall out. we got the car home the top would not lower: we contacted the dealership and was told there is nothing they can do . we objected to the $300.00 charge for filling the reservoir. 2.5 hours but we were told that this charge was for trouble shooting the system. question is we were charged previously for the trouble shooting system given an estimate of $1500.00 but now we are charged again for trouble shooting the system. we hope that you will take the time to pull the service records review them and advise . the work order is under robert gilbert. we talked to the dealership owner and was told that all is fine with prices. we really hope you can help us. we had other work done at this same time with a total bill of $912.00 we are questioning the trouble shooting charge of $300.00 and strongly believe the price was increased because there is no mechanic that can do this type work at the dealership. please advise as we love our saab home # 703 580 4862

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  3. Shir

    25. Aug, 2011

    I have a Saab 2004 9-3 Linear, the key fob is broken – I bought another key took it to dealership and they could not program the new key (I didn’t realize the key was used).. now I don’t know what to do,
    the dealership is saying I need a new key and might have to get new computer in car – costing $1000 and upwards… its ridiculous! Someone please tell me what I can do… ?? I love my Saab but this is
    too much trouble for one ignition key!! Dallas, Tx.

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