GM Permanently Closes Saab 9-7x Plant In December

Posted on 14. Oct, 2008 by in 2000-2009, 9-7x

As of this Monday morning, General Motors CEO, Rick Wagoner announced the closing of the Saab 9-7x plant in Moraine, Ohio will take place in December.

It should be noted that the Saab 9-7X was introduced in 2004 as a 2005 model year which was Saab Automobile USA’s stop gap measure for model years, 2005 through 2009.

This news is consistent with Kjell-Ã…ke Eriksson’s transition from Saab 9-7x Vehicle Line Director to the Managing Director of Saab Automobile Germany.

It is my understanding that the Saab 9-4x that will be built in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico was to be a seamless transition as a replacement to the 9-7x within the Saab Automobile model lineup, we’ll see as that is expected to arrive in the fall of next year, ultimately leaving Saab with the same product portfolio that they have today.

Below is a snippet from the wire:

WILMINGTON, Del. – General Motors is closing four truck and SUV plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico as surging fuel prices hasten a dramatic shift to smaller vehicles.

CEO Rick Wagoner said Tuesday before the automaker’s annual meeting in Delaware the plants to be closed are in Oshawa, Ontario; Moraine, Ohio; Janesville, Wis.; and Toluca, Mexico. He also said the iconic Hummer brand may be discontinued.

Source: Yahoo News

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