A Visit To The Local Pick & Pull For Used Saab Parts

Posted on 23. Oct, 2008 by in 2000-2009


I made a visit today to some of the local pick & pull yards looking for used Saab parts. This is an adventure I usually enjoy, looking at how the Saabs either broke down, or saved occupants lives in crashes, etc, but today, I was surprised to see significantly less Saabs that I usually do. What was even more shocking was the sight of a classic Saab 900, complete with headlights, bumpers, nice grille, etc. crushed for the value of the metal.

This is a sad reality today, and when I see this, I realize that there was so much more of a life that was possible with that Saab with the resources, parts, etc. that are available today, so if you ever have the opportunity to save the life of a Saab from the crusher, please do! Remember, that same Saab may end up saving yours in return!

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