Saab Automobile AB’s Response To Sweden Banning Fossil Fuel Driven Cars By 2025

Posted on 16. Nov, 2008 by in 2000-2009

According to the Local, Sweden, as part of their continued progressive approaches to protecting the environment, have called for a more detailed definition on eco-friendly cars, have set legislation to ban all fossil fuel driven cars by the year 2025.

In addition, the Swedish Government put a ban on all fossil fuels to be used by the year 2020 back in 2006 when Saab debuted the 9-3 Convertible BioPower Hybrid, so I guess the exception for that ban is the automobile sector that is the slowest to change, giving them an additional 5 years.

Saab Automobile Sweden’s Anna Petré has responded to the local Swedish news agency, with and I quote “would be clumsy of the government to rush through the tougher regulations just as Saab and Volvo were negotiating for state support to enable them to retain production in Sweden.”

“Just at the moment it is important for the government to consider employment opportunities,” Petré warned.

РAnna Petr̩, Saab Automobile AB Sweden

With Saab Automobile’s innovative history and up and coming hybrid and pure electric cars coming around just after the next decade, what would be the problem with a legislation like this given that they have all the right ingredients and directions to be eliminating their internal combustion engines in the near future.

I am actually quite suprised at this official statement by Saab Automobile’s, Anna Petré, because for a company so progressive, responding to legislation that pushes Saab’s historically progressive agenda should be a good thing, not a hindrance. It’s also, 2025, that’s a long time from now, so I don’t see a problem here!

Gasoline does NOT equate to employment, the future for economically sustainable jobs equates to employment opportunities that are aligned with environmentall sustainable focuses.

I have e-mailed Saab Automobile AB about this response to see if they have any follow-ups, because a position like Anna’s on behalf of Saab Automobile, seems counter to the direction of the company and importer of some of the most progressive ideals as an automotive manufacturer in the world.

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2 Responses to “Saab Automobile AB’s Response To Sweden Banning Fossil Fuel Driven Cars By 2025”

  1. Ted Y

    16. Nov, 2008

    I’m glad you emailed Saab, and I am hoping they respond. I was upset by their remarks myself. I don’t have the source in front of me, but Saab stated a number of years ago that it was their goal to be free of the internal combustion engine (I think by now already). This was when they were experimenting with steam IIRC. The old Saab would be looking at this as an opportunity, not lobbying against it.
    Please post their response (or lack thereof).

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  2. Ryan

    16. Nov, 2008


    Absolutely, I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.


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