GM Begs Congress For A No Strings Handout, Again

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General Motors continues to begs congress for yet another “no-strings” handout, Again

The leadership within GM continues to prove, year after year that they are not committed to solving any actual problems.

In the latest assault to our intelligence, Weber Shandwick a contractor for GM has put together a proganda video clearly created to instill fear, uncertainty and doubt across the country in order to get normal hard working people to spend time out of their day to contact their local state and federal representatives to save GM?

The exploitation of the public today through GM is at its all time worst, and what really gets me is that GM has no problem asking for no-string handouts from us, the tax payers, of course with nothing in return, just squandering more money, more empty promises and a continued barrage of lip service on how they are really making a difference.

The writing on the wall is that GM is done regardless of an actual bailout coming to fruition, and we need to move quickly to ensure that GM stays that way if we want society to move ahead. When GM dies, people will loose jobs, there’s no doubt of that, but we’re in a new sustainable movement today and if people in the transportation sector loose their jobs in unsustainable career options, what would be the problem if they gain new positions as a result that are more economically sustainable in same field?

Take the new proposition 1A in California for instance, which is a new sustainable “high speed rail” project which will take approximately 20-years to complete at the cost of $40 billion, opposed to $80 for renovations to existing automobile infrastructure. It requires no oil nor gas, does not pollute and even gets its power via electricity from wind turbines. If those detroit auto workers loose their jobs, why not get them back into the railroad industry, its more environmentally sustainable and thus economically sustainable.

The fact is, this country had its first strong boost of economic growth with the inception of the railroad and many of those workers, ended up moving into the automobile industry a generation later due to cheap oil, so why not reverse the trend back by moving people from the automotive industry to the high speed rail industry given that we now realize the mistakes we’ve made? Let’s pick up where we left off and move ahead. Did you know that General Motors actually built locomotives back in the day? If they did it befeore, they can do it just takes some actual intelligent foresight to see the light..with new leadership..maybe that will happen some day in order to save the company.

Sustainability is the future folks, the faster all industries get on board, the better we’ll all be as the slow and resistant to change will of course meet their inevitable demise much like GM, Ford and Chrysler is seeing today as a result.

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