Saab History Urges General Motors To Sell Saab Automobile

Posted on 20. Nov, 2008 by in 2000-2009


Photo Credit: Saab History

If you have been following the recent senate hearings with the three big automakers, you have now realized that the senate has effectively stalled the bailout bill. This means that GM, even though their CEO refuses to let go of the 8 private jets he flys in, will be facing their imminent demise in the near future. What this means for Saab Automobile concerns me, so with that I urge General Motors to sell Saab Automobile so it does not get taken down with GM.

There have been effectively three eras for the Saab brand and if we can get General Motors to sell Saab Automobile, there will hopefully be a fourth.

In 1947 SAAB began and for all intents and purposes, the SAAB era ran from 1949 until 1969. In 1969, SAAB merged with Scania to form the Saab-Scania era that went for another twenty years, ending in 1989 when General Motors purchased half of them. Fast forward another almost 20 years, we have the General Motors era (1989-2009).

With the direction General Motors is going, I urge them to sell the Saab Automobile brand so that it is not taken down with the ship. There is just too much potential with innovations that could quite possibly provide some much needed sustainable solutions for the people, planet and profits moving forward.

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