An Insider’s Reasons General Motors Won’t Sell Saab

Posted on 21. Nov, 2008 by in 2000-2009, Sweden

Almost immediately after posting my reasons why I believed it was best to sell Saab, I almost immediately received an anonymous tip from a Saab insider that General Motors is not interested in selling Saab because for the following reasons.

As you can read below, this relationship between General Motors & Saab Automobie AB is getting more and more parastic by the minute as we fast approach the 20th year of ownership of the brand.

I really hope that General Motors does the right thing and sells Saab to an owner that truly understands and appreciates the brand, but by the looks of it below, this will take a long time to change over to a new owner.

Here are some the finer points thanks to an anonymous insider:

* Sweden had agreed to put in about a billion $$ in infrastructure improvements in that area.

* GM has designated Saab as a center of safety research.

* GM has signed mutual contracts to develop a plug in with Sweden.

* GM has seeded with money a research group at the University there.

* The productivity/wages are better than Germany.

* Saab has design responsibility for the small cadillac.

* Sweden is smart enough to support jobs and auto manufacturing for the good of their country.

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2 Responses to “An Insider’s Reasons General Motors Won’t Sell Saab”

  1. Ted Y

    21. Nov, 2008

    And, surprise, surprise, SAAB is going to stay in N. America because they are profitable in the U.S. despite falling sales:
    Doesn’t seem like the dealers are profitable though, at least not during the current financial crisis.

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  2. Ryan

    12. Mar, 2009


    Are you sure about that now, 4 months since you originally wrote that?


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