Trollhattan, Sweden’s Plan For The Saab Car Museum

Posted on 22. Nov, 2008 by in 2000-2009, Trollhättan, Sweden

Photo Credit: Saab History

There have been a lot of concerns lately with the news about Saab Automobile’s parent company, General Motors, that the future for even the museums, namely the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, Sweden as well as the Saab USA Heritage Collection in Sterling Heights, Michigan are thought to be at risk.

According to the curator of the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, Sweden, Peter Backström, the Saab Car Museum will be safe in any event that either General Motors Or Saab Automobile AB were to no longer exist, because the museum itself is actually owned by the town of Trollhättan, Sweden, not the corporations.

This is an excellent fail-safe continuity plan for the Saab Car Museum and it is logical, because these cars have been a part of the history of the town, which is why it is actually a separately owned facility.

Smart move to separate the collection from the corporations and into the hands of the people!

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  1. Golfhunter

    27. Nov, 2008

    Fortunately Saab Museum is not going to dissapear whatever happens .

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