The SAAB 92A : 1950 – 1952

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile USA

The SAAB 92A began production in December of 1949 as a 1950 model year after the first prototype was created a few years earlier known as the URSAAB 92001.

This model was the first production vehicle for SAAB and came equipped with the following specifications:

Exterior: 2-door body with suicide doors, four seats, 805kg/1,775 lbs, drag coefficient of .30 and painted in watermelon green due to military surplus

Interior: German based VDO instrument cluster which changed to an American based cluster for model year 1951 & 52

Chassis: Unitary, independent front & rear suspension, shock absorbers, drum brakes, rack and pinion steering and a 35 liter tank with tires of 5.0 x 15.

Engine: Transverse two-cylinder, two-stroke 764cc 25hp with aluminum cylinder head and cast iron block, 3-bearing crankshaft, Solex 32AIC, thermo siphon water-cooled engine powered

Transmission: Front-Wheel Drive, 3 Geared on the column manual shifter.

Wheelbase 247cm/97″
Front Track 118cm/46″
Rear Track 118cm/46.46″
Ground Clearance 20cm/7.8″
Turning Circle 11.9m/39′
Length 395cm/156″‘
Width 162cm/64″‘
Height 145cm/57″
Performance Max Speed 65mph/105kph
13.3mph@1,000 rpm
Acceleration 0-50mph 26.6secs
Standing Mile 26.4secs
Average Fuel Consumption 36mpg

Global Production:

Model Year – Units

1949/50 – 1,246
1951 – 2,179
1952 – 2,298

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