The Saab 92B : 1953-1956

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

In 1953 the SAAB 92A(ninety two), was replaced by the SAAB 92B and this model ran until 1956.

This model was the first production vehicle for SAAB and came equipped with the following specifications:

Exterior: 2-door body with suicide doors, larger rear window, larger luggage space with opening lid, option for textile roof, four seats, 805kg/1,775 lbs, drag coefficient of .30 and painted in watermelon green, blue-grey, black and grey with maroon offered in 1954, and moss green in 1955.

Notables: New Trunk Lid, Relocated Battery & Fuel Tank filler cap

Interior: Four Seats, in addition to an optional plywood bed kit accessory.

Chassis: Unitary, independent front & rear suspension, shock absorbers, drum brakes, rack and pinion steering and a 35 liter tank with tires of 5.0 x 15.

Engine: Transverse two-cylinder, two-stroke 764cc 35hp with aluminum cylinder head and cast iron block, 3-bearing crankshaft, Solex 32AIC, thermo siphon water-cooled engine powered

Transmission: Front-Wheel Drive, 3 Geared on the column manual shifter.

Wheelbase 247cm/97″
Front Track 118cm/46″
Rear Track 118cm/46.46″
Ground Clearance 20cm/7.8″
Turning Circle 11.9m/39′
Length 395cm/156″‘
Width 162cm/64″‘
Height 145cm/57″
Performance Max Speed 65mph/105kph
13.3mph@1,000 rpm
Acceleration 0-50mph 26.6secs
Standing Mile 26.4secs
Average Fuel Consumption 36mpg

Global Production:

Model Year – Units

1953 – 3,424
1954 – 5,138
1955 – 5,163
1956 – 680

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  1. Peter Salzer

    01. Mar, 2010

    My first car in Sweden – a black 1964 Saab 92B with maroon trimmings bought in april 1960. Drove it 36000 km in just one year including a run from Stockholm to Monte Carlo in a one-month tour of Europe. Frequently drew admiring looks for its sleek lines and once mistaken for a Porsche at one petrol station when I poured oil into the fuel tank! 105 km top wasn’t much on the Autobahn- right lane behind the trucks was the routine. Then only a dozen workshops outside Sweden (mainly with DKW- connection) if problems arose . and they did. Car failure fixed at Opel shop in Wetzlar. Traded it in for an almost new Saab 96 in 1961 – inspired by Carlsson’s rally succes.

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