Vermont Couple Survive Crash With Moose In Saab 9000

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Photo Credit: Randolph Herald

In 2003, a Vermont couple survived a crash with a moose thanks to their Saab 9000 CS. According to the Randolph Herald.

We know the Saab 9000 is structurally rigid and a remarkable crash test performer, but this the first I have heard about its strengths during moose encounters. I wonder how they learned about this safety measure in the A-pillar of the Saab, perhaps from watching this film some years earlier?

It is great to hear that yet again, Saabs safety saves lives and makes me and my wife feel a little better knowing that our 9000 CS is also prepared to sacrifice itself to save us in the event of an accident.

I encourage you to read this story below:

Carl and Ann Brandon of Randolph Center credit their 9000 Saab and its moose-proof construction with saving their lives.

A Sunday night collision with a moose on I-89 in Royalton sent the Saab on a brief but harrowing high-speed trip: Carl steering blind across all four lanes of the interstate with his broken windshield covered with moose parts.

In the end, the Saab was totaled, but the Brandons climbed out of it with only a few scrapes and cuts.

Car-moose collisions are often fatal for both the animal and humans, as moose, much taller than deer, will fall onto the windshield and roof, splintering glass and crushing in the metal. There was a fatal crash on the Interstate several years ago, not far from where the Brandons encountered their moose this week.

Saabs, according to Brandon, “are the only car in the world actually tested for moose impact.”

Manufactured in Sweden where there are plenty of moose, Saabs feature heavy-gauge corner posts “designed so the moose will go over, rather than flatten, the car,” Carl explained.

Moose, darker than deer and with little “eye shine” to alert drivers that an animal is in the road, are also notoriously hard to spot.

To Read The rest of this incredible story, please visit the Randolph Herald.

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