The Saab 90 : 1985 – 1987

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB

The Saab 90 began in 1985, following the 99 model and continued until 1987 and was built in Uusikaupunki, Finland. This model was hybrid between a 99 front forward of the a-pillar, and the successor to the 99, the 900 in sedan style with a trunk after the b-pillar and was only available in Europe.

According to Wikipedia, there were 10 “limited edition models called the Saab 90 Lumikko (Snow Weasel). These models were all white and had extra trim.”

The 90 later inspired a “notchback” version of the 900 which was available in 1985 and 1986 which was not only available in Europe, but the United States as well.

This model for SAAB came equipped with the following specifications:


Saloon, two doors, five seats, 955kg/2,105.4 lbs.

1987 MY Front Spoiler, and sunroof option, cardinal red metallic added to this range with new colors Zircon Blue and Dolomite Sand.


Effectively the same interior as the same model year and trim models as the 900, front heated seats, side adjustable mirrors from inside, steering wheel altered


Steel body with tubular reinforcements, indy front suspension with telescopic shocks, solid rear axle, disc brakes, twin diagonal circuit brakes, rack and pinion steering, 46.8 liter fuel tank capacity, 155 R15 tires, 4.5″ rim.


Four-cylinder longitudinally mounted, 1,985cc, 100 hp.

1987 MY Carburettor added for cold start.


Front-wheel drive, four speed

1987 MY Five Speed added


Length 434.4cm/171″
Width 167.5cm/66″
Height 142.9cm/56.25″

Global Production:

Model Year – Units

1984 MY
1985 MY
1986 MY
1987 MY

25,378 90s were made during this time in Europe only.

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